Next live stream show “Soul Appeal”

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Hi Friends –
I wanted to let you know about my next Stageit.com live stream show, Sunday May 10th at 2pm PDT.

This show will feature the music from my album SOUL APPEAL which includes Uptown Groove, Taking Off, Soul Appeal and many more. There will also be another Special Guest surprise duet!

Sign up for a free account with Stageit.com and get a ticket to my show (pay what you want) using this link:
“Soul Appeal” Online live Show

See you on the stage.
– Michael

New video premiere on YouTube

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Last week I got a call from living soul legend, William Bell about a new video an associate of his had made of a song he and I recorded on my latest album (Silver Lining). The song is PEOPLE GET READY, the classic originally written and recorded by Curtis Mayfield.

The song became an anthem for hope and civil rights in the sixties and both William and I feel this song is as relevant today as it was then and wanted to share it with you. So collectively we have decided to world premiere it on my YouTube channel on Saturday May 2nd at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) Click on this link:
People Get Ready Video Premiere

Here is a statement from William:
” This iconic song, written by my good friend, the late great Curtis Mayfield, couldn’t be more relevant than now during these uncertain times ”
William Bell

I hope you will join us on Saturday on my YouTube channel as William and I will watch it with you and ready to answer your questions and comments, and feel free to subscribe to my channel while you are there!
See you Saturday!

New Online Show “The Live Show”

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Join me for my next Stageit.com show, Sunday May 3rd at 5pm PDT, titled “The Live Show” My band recorded my live show (before the coronavirus) so I will be playing live to that and it will be like you are at my concert, the songs you know but with the live vibe and arrangements!

Again, it’s pay what you want and you’ll need to sign up for a free account with Stageit.com. Click here to get your ticket:
“The Live Show” Online live Show

See you Sunday

“Your Requests” Online show

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Would love for you to join me for my “YOUR REQUESTS” Stageit live show April 26th at 2pm PDT.

For this edition of my live stream on-line concert, I will play all songs requested by YOU. All you have to do is sign up for a free account on stageit.com and get a ticket to my show (Once again, it’s pay what you want) Click here to get your ticket:
“YOUR REQUESTS” Online live Show

“The Hits” Online Concert

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Hope you can join me for my “THE HITS” Stageit live stream show April 19th at 5pm PDT.

For this live stream on-line concert, I will play all songs that were radio singles for me throughout my career. All you have to do it sign up for a free account on stageit.com and get a ticket to my show (It’s pay what you want) Click here for your ticket:
ML Online Show

New Online Concert

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For my third Stageit live stream concert, I will be performing more of my tunes along with quite a few songs from an album I recorded some years ago called A SONG FOR YOU which includes songs by some of the most popular singer/songwriters of all times like Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and more. The arrangements (by Randy Waldman) for these songs are absolutely gorgeous and some of them feature a full orchestra!

Hope you will join me for another session of music and good vibes. Click here for tickets:
ML Online Show

You’ll need to create a free account with stageit.com and get a few notes (stageit’s own currency) to buy a ticket. You can spend as little as $.10 to get a ticket but you are welcome to “tip” during the performance if you’d like, but it is not necessary.
See you on the stage!
– Michael