How to Create the Ultimate Live-Stream

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After 1.5 years of doing live-streams, I have decided to share my knowledge with you in my upcoming live MasterClass “HOW TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE LIVE-STREAM (and make money doing it) In partnership with Stageit.

When I started doing live streams, there was very little information available so I had to figure it out myself. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and now have so much knowledge to share with you.

I have received SO many phone calls and emails from friends and fellow artists asking me questions like, “ how do you do it?” and “What equipment do I need?”

In this Masterclass I’ll be pulling back the curtain to share it ALL with you.

It was such a blessing for me to be able to do these virtual shows on Stageit during the pandemic both from a creative standpoint, but also a monetary one. As gigs are coming back, it’s become an additional revenue stream and reaches people from all over the world.

Class starts August 10th! Go to:
“Lington MasterClass”

for more information and see all the aspects of Live Streaming that I will cover to get you all set up! 💥