Next online streaming show: April 18th

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Welcome back to my regular Stageit show, live and intimate from my studio. It’s called A Soulful Sunday as I perform my most soulful songs from my catalog. There will also be a special surprise guest!

To watch sign up for a free account on stageit.com and get a ticket to the show (pay what you can) using this link:


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I’m very excited to announce that my new album, ‘Alone Together – The Duets’ is out now. Listen to the entire album and new single “My Love” feat. Dave Koz at https://found.ee/alonetogether

Alone Together is a unique project that presented itself in many shapes and forms. When the pandemic started and all my touring was postponed indefinitely, I knew I needed to continue creating music for my own well-being. That’s when I started doing my virtual shows from my home studio on StageIt. A few shows in I started inviting special guests to perform with me, but as technology wasn’t allowing for ‘live’ duets we did it literally ‘alone together’ from separate locations as a pre-record. The most exhilarating part was that my fellow artists that I invited all said yes immediately – and the same goes for the selections I made for this album.

When it came time to stream the duets, technical challenges made it impossible to do them live. So for each duet, me and each artist created a pre-recorded video, doing one take from top to bottom. He mixed the music and then sent it all to a video editor to synch it up – and the result is pure sonic and split-screen visual magic.

What ended up happening was incredible. We put together performances that were so real, heartfelt and authentic that it became apparent we were creating something special. We captured a spirit and vibe beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s not about being perfect but all about the heart and soul.

It’s exciting to now share that magic with you on ‘Alone Together – The Duets’

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